Annotated ECMAScript 5.1

Key to the markers

The following are explanations of the various types of annotations markers provided in this version.

Contributed annotations
These mark the availability of user-contributed annotations that are collaboratively maintained at the current site. Note that these annotations are made available under the terms of the MIT license, and may be freely reused, copied, modified, republished, redistributed, etc., as permitted by that license. If you’d like to contribute annotations, see the instructions on the Annotated ES5 project page. issues
Direct hyperlinks to issues.
Dmitry A. Soshnikov ECMA-262 article series
Direct hyperlinks to relevant articles by Dmitry A. Soshnikov in his ECMA-262 article series.
MDC JavaScript Reference
Direct hyperlinks to corresponding sections in the MDC JavaScript Reference.
MDC JavaScript Guide
Direct hyperlinks to relevant sections in the MDC JavaScript Guide.
Errata as of July 2010
Errata copied from the “Items with Technical Significance” section of the July 2010 erratum document available at the TC39 wiki. Note that only the contents of the “Items with Technical Significance” section were copied over; the contents of the “Editorial Items with no Technical Significance” section were not.
Additional changes in Edition 5.1
Details about changes included in Annex F of Edition 5.1 of the spec but that were not already in the July 2010 erratum document.